How To Pick A Good RAM For Your Gaming PC

With the arrival of smartphones, the memory industry is developing at a pace faster than the personal computer. In today’s era, mobile phones are upgraded to accommodate the same amount of RAM as any desktop or laptop. Random Access Memory or RAM is an important component of any computer system. It functions as the site that stores all the short term memory for the PC along with the data of frequently used programs, and the instructions needed to speed up the system. RAM is well known as the fastest medium of storage in every computer system. Unlike hard drives, it takes less time to store data. It is also highly responsible for multitasking and allows many programs to load at the same time. Having a good amount of RAM improves the speed of the system and prevents it from lagging. On any PC, it acts as a buffer between secondary storage devices and the CPU.

Having RAM means owning a temporary space for information that helps in programming. These programs help the CPU to perform any task. Once the PC is turned off, all information within the RAM is lost. This is the reason why programs take a bit of time while loading after the PC restarts. As there has been a tremendous increase in bandwidth of internet, data as well as media consumption, it has become very essential to have a fast system that can load programs without any issue. One of the most convenient ways of doing so is by increasing the amount of RAM.

How To Pick A Good RAM For Your Gaming PC

Amount of RAM needed by various users

The amount of RAM needed depends on the requirements of the users. A normal user could work efficiently with 2/4GB of RAM but can also increase the amount according to his requirements while a user who deals with complex software or normal graphic games would need an amount as large as 8 GB. The quantity RAM needed is proportional to the quality of the game or software one works with. The users who play high-end games might need a large quantity of RAM along with Graphic Cards to balance the CPU and GPU usage which helps in the smooth running of the given game or software. It is fundamental to know about the various types of RAMs one could purchase such as DDR3 and DDR4 and it is also essential to consult an expert before making any decisions. Read this guide about the best ddr4 RAM to get the best one available in the market.

It is again based on the requirement of the users. A doubt asked by one could have various answers which could help many stuck in vivid situations. RAM is basically for increasing the processing speed of the desktop or the laptop. The users need to be fully aware of all the activities for which they will be using it as only then would they receive the best suggestion for their equipment. RAMs are replaceable but they are not economical and some retailers have a no-return policy where once sold will not be accepted again. Thus, it is important to conduct thorough research and buy only the type which is needed. There are also chances for the RAM to not function well even after thorough research for which the users should be well prepared.

Selecting For Your System

It is at this stage that the user should take caution and should be well versed with all the known aspects they need to consider before and while buying RAM for their system. It is important to know whether their system allows replacement of RAM, which means, whether it permits expandability. The people who have purchased a PC or laptop in the last five years would have an access to the extra slots for RAM in their CPU.


On a global scale, the price of RAM has been increasing for a few years. Prices also vary with changing geographical locations, time, and demands. It is important to conduct thorough research on them in order to get a suitable rate for the system. It is also important to understand the need for memory, as one could easily misspend their hard-earned money on things which would be of no use to them. Thus, it is essential to list and discuss all the needs and factors affecting the price meticulously before making any purchase to retain as many funds as possible.


It is important for a user to understand the aspects of its system and to realize the time in which they would require an up-gradation in terms of their usage of RAM as it would eventually help them in purchasing the best RAM for their device. It is also not just about the size, it also depends on the quality and type of RAM, which is why thorough research has proven to be of great importance.

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